We have the best means to perform Non Destructive Testing (NDT) for valves up to 36″ and Class 4500#

Five Test Rigs -of automatic, semiautomatic and manual types- capable of testing Critical service valves (applicable in food industry, oxygen service, etc…) A PLC Test Rig (Programamable Logic Controller) to perform hidrostatic and pneumatic tests, leakage control, endoscopiccamera, etc. supported by a computer database which allows inmediate testing reports.

Certificates issued by independent organizations (SGS,SNT) and their corresponding technical procedures to perfom NDT such as Dye Penetrant test and Magnetic Particles tests.


Research & Development

A ” window” to Research and Development, from which we can hover and participate in performing Non Destructive Testing (NDT), whit the aim of seeking improvement and performing of the Quality Control of those products acquired and supplied by Saidi, along with those others which are manufactured in our Service Centre

A showcase of equipment for performing multiple inspections and test. Among the various tests that we can perform the following quote: Paint Control, Ultrasonic Thickness measurement, Hardness Control, Penetrant Testing, UV lamp cleaning control, Coatings Control, Roughness testing, etc…

This “window” is not only very valid to Saidi and our suppliers, but for all those who may visit our Service Centre.