Solutions for the Process Industry

Whatever the steam application we have a specific solution for your plant. Let us help you finding the best products to suit your steam system requirements.


  • Thermodynamic
  • Continuous blowdown valves
  • Float and Thermostatic
  • Inverted Bucket
  • Air Eliminators
  • Bimetallic
  • Condensate Drain valves
  • Compact Trapping stations


  • Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Steam traps
  • Sanitary Pressure Reducing valves
  • Sanitary Pressure Sustaining valves
  • Sanitary Tank Blanketing Regulators
  • Pneumatic Control valves
  • Sample Coolers
  • Humidity Separators


  • Pneumatic Control valves (Cast Steel, Cast Iron, Nodular Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Globe valve series with linear actuator)
  • Pneumatic Angle type Interception valves
  • Blowdown Control valves
  • Intermittent Blowdown valves
  • Overflow valves


KLINGER gasket materials for Steam applications:

  • Graphite laminate PSM
  • Graphite laminate SLS


KLINGER specific level gauges for Steam applications:

  • Glass tube (up to 17 bar)
  • Reflex (up to 32 bar)
  • Transparent (up to 120 bar)
  • Bi colour (up to 180 bar)


  • Direct Acting Pressure Reducing valves
  • Pilot Operated  Pressure Reducing valves
  • Pressure Reducing Valve station
  • Pressure Regulating valves
  • Diaphragm Sensing Pressure Reducing valves
  • High Accuracy Pressure Reducing valves
  • Piston Sensing Pressure Reducing valves
  • Diaphragm Sensing Pressure Sustaining valves
  • Pilot Operated Pressure Sustaining valves


  • Check valves
  • Manifolds
  • Pipeline Ancilliaries (Sight glasses, «Y» type and special Strainers, Needle valves…)

Bellows sealed valves

It has been proven through various studies about process plant emission that 75% of leakages are ocurring through valves in pipelines. The leakages cause:

  • Enviromental pollution
  • Production loss
  • Process problems
  • Energy loss

Selection of Bellows Sealed Valves in the only solution for this problem.


  • Highly reliable seal to atmosphere with Bellows for a Safe and Clean environment
  • Flexible disc fittedd to the spindle for low wear and perfect sealing
  • Hardened seating surfaces
  • Additionally fully rated stuffing box
  • Oversized components for longer operating life and Double Safety
  • Bellow designed for 5000/10000 cycles*
  • Triple Seal (bellows, gland packing & back seat) hence Zero emission is always ensured

*5000 cycles for Gate valve/10000 cycles for Globe valves

KLINGER Piston Valves

From its patented invention in 1992, KLINGER has always been at the forefront of Piston Valve technology.

With different types of connections offered (including flange, threaded, butt and socket weld ends) and designs to meet both DIN and ANSI standards, KLINGER Piston Valves present a maintenance-free solution to Fluid Control requirements in process industries.


  • Reliable tight – across the ports and to the atmosphere
  • Environmentally safe and energy efficient
  • No erosion on the sealing surface
  • Insensitive to impurities due to maintenance-free sealing system
  • Unbeatable in a comparison of profitability
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to install
  • Valve rings are replaceable in line
  • Excellent control characteristics
  • Fire Safe tested according to API 6FA
  • Inspected according to EPA emission test
  • Conforms to TA-Luft
  • VdTÜV license 1065 type approval
  • «Zero leakage» according to DIN 12266-1leakage rate A

KVN with heating jacket

All KLINGER KVN Piston Valves can be provided with heating jacket. It is made of Stainless Steel 1,4541 and may be used with all heating fluids for which steel piping is suitable

Safety Valves

Safety valves can be found wherever pressure system for steam, gases and liquids need to be reliably protected. Costumers from every area of the process industry benefit from our experience and process expertise.

We continuously support plant engineers and operators in their efforts to achieve increased economic efficiency and flexibility. Our solutions for critical materials and operating conditions help to optimise processes and protect people and plants

Valves for Vents & Drains

Forged Globe type valve for purge, vents and drains.

  • 100% domestic manufacturing
  • Commercial name STOPPER
  • Stopper and its variations are the evolution synthesis of High Pressure valves and for the need of a compact and efficient valve capable of performing the most severe services in Power stations
  • Stopper valveand its special executions become a solution for High Pressure valves from 2″ and above


  • The valve does not need to thrust the disc against the valve seat while turning at closing since its movement is of linear type as in a piston valve
  • This is an evolutive development that avoids the need of using gaskets and/or weldings
  • Stuffing box forged in one piece
  • Straight type, «Y» type or Angle type avaliable
  • Combination of Stop & Check type valve
  • Piston type Check valve
  • Pressure Range: DIN PN63 to 720 & ASME Class 1700 to 4500
  • CE marking 100% compliance
  • Materials A105, A182 F11/F22/F91/F316 (other materials available upon request)

ASME Cast Steel Gate valve

  • OS&Y (Outside Screw & Yoke) – Bolted Bonnet
  • Pressure Range: Class 150 to 600
  • CE mark 100% compliance
  • Materials: Carbon Steel as per ASTM A216 WCB, A217 WCC/WC6/WC9/C12A, Stainless Steel ASTM A351 CF8M (other materials available upon request)
  • Size Range: 2″ to 32″

DIN Cast Steel Gate valve

  • OS&Y (Outside Screw & Yoke) – Bolted Bonnet
  • Pressure Range: DIN PN10 to PN100
  • CE mark 100% compliance
  • Materials: carbon Steel as per GP 240 GH 1,5419, 1,7357, 1,7380 and Stainless Steel 1,4408, 1,4552 (other materials available upon request)
  • Size Range: DN40 to DN700